Lion Dance

We are Melbourne based Lion and Dragon Dance team since 1987. The Lion Dance is believed to bring people Joy, Happiness, Good Luck, Good Health, Longevity, and Prosperity. Download our Brochure


Dragon Dance

We offer Melbourne's largest and longest Hong Kong style performing Dragon. The Dragon is believed to bring good luck, therefore the longer the dragon, the more luck it will bring to your business or event.


Price & Satisfaction Guarantee

Melbourne's lowest prices or we'll beat it! Satisfaction guaranteed or we will perform for your buisness or event again, that is our promise! Download our Brochure


Book a performance

Book us for a performance and entertain your audience or crowd with our team! Performing for all occasions in many places around Victoria and interstate Australia. Download our Brochure

We perform for all occasions

  • Grand Openings
  • Shop Blessing
  • House Blessing
  • Restaurant Blessing
  • Festivals
  • Parades
  • Events
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Anniversary
  • Shows
  • Concerts
  • Product Launches
  • Exhibitions
  • Displays
  • Workshops
  • Promotions
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Movie Premieres

We perform for many places

  • Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Bars & Clubs
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centre

Our Services

Lion Dance

  • Lion Dance Blessing
  • Lion Conquering the Peak
  • Elevated Lion Dance Parade
  • Mass Lion Dance Performance
  • Buddha & the Lion
  • Lion Dance Workshop

Dragon Dance

  • Large Golden Dragon Blessing
  • Large Golden Dragon Parade
  • Dragon Dance Workshop


  • Warriors Drumming Show
  • Drumming Workshop

Special Performances

  • God of Fortune
  • Phoenix Dance
  • Koi Fish Dance

Kung Fu

  • Workshops
  • Demonstrations

Display Effects

  • Firecrackers
  • Confetti & Fog

Why choose Jow Ga Kuen?

  • Melbourne's lowest prices or we'll beat it!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or we will perform for your occasion again
  • Reputable Lion & Dragon Dance team since 1987
  • 2nd Largest Lion & Dragon Dance team in Melbourne
  • We have the Largest Performing Golden Dragon in Melbourne
  • The only team in Australia to have 3 mirrors on all our Lions
  • We are one of the most ethnically diverse Lion Dance team in Melbourne


Benefits of having a Lion Dance

  • Auspicious
  • Entertaining
  • Exciting
  • Lucky
  • Good Vibe
  • Colourful
  • Crowd Attraction
  • Cultural
  • Fresh
  • Unique

Lion Dance believed to bring

  • Happiness
  • Longevity
  • Prosperity
  • Good Luck
  • Good Health
  • Good Fortune
  • Great Joy
  • Protection
  • Wards off evil spirits
  • Cleansing bad energy

Our Pricing - Download our Brochure

Melbourne's lowest prices or we'll beat it! Prices below are for all suburbs within Melbourne region.
Click here to view 2016 pricelist!

Lion Dance

  Single Lion Performance $580
  Double Lions Performance $780
  Triple Lions Performance $980
  Wedding Performance $780
  Buddha & the Lion Routine $650
  Drunken Lion Routine $650
  Lion Conquering the Peak From $700
  Elevated Lion Dance Parade From $800
  Mass Lion Dance Performance *Quote
  Eye Dotting Lion Ceremony From $580
  Lion Dance Workshop From $580
  For additional Lions From $350 - $580 Per Lion

Dragon Dance

  Dragon Dance Performance $1800
  Dragon Dance Workshop From $1000


  Warriors Drumming Show *Not Available
  5 Elements Drumming Show *Not Available
  Drumming Workshop From $400

Kung Fu

  Kung Fu Demonstrations From $50
  Kung Fu Workshop From $350

Special Performances

  God of Fortune *Not Available
  Phoenix Dance *Not Available
  Koi Fish Dance *Not Available

Display Effects

  3.8m Firecracker Roll $80
  12m Firecracker Roll $250
  60cm Firecracker String $10
  Confetti Popper $15 each
  Confetti Cannon *Quote
  Fog Effect *Quote

* Please allow 2-3 weeks’ notice for Firecrackers for paperwork and permits
* Custom quote requied for larger venues and for suburbs not within Melbourne region

Desciption of Our Services

Lion Dance

Single, Double or Triple Lion Performance
A Single, Double or Triple Lion blessing and performance for your venue or event. All standard performances includes musicians and a 15 minutes choreographed performance.

Wedding Performance
Double Lions to wish the Bride and Groom a blissful marriage. The performance on your wedding day will definitely give your guests a pleasant surprise!

Lion Conquering the Peak
Single Lion climbing and dancing high up on a vertical 4-5m bamboo pole. Requires more then 8-10 people at the base of the bamboo just to hold the bamboo pole in place.

Lion Buddha & the Lion Routine
The Buddha awakens the Lion routine, also known as awakening Lion followed by Buddha taming the Lion.

Drunken Lion Routine
The Lion finds a casket of wine, perceives to drink it all in which the Lion gets drunk.

Elevated Lion Dance Parade
Jow Ga style Lion Dancing which requires 7-10 people carrying a round disk in which the lion is lifted on top, creating a lion dance routine high up on top.

Mass Lion Dance Performance
Have up to 9 Lions for your grand event, festival or show.

Eye Dotting Lion Ceremony
Eye dotting the Lion by honorable guest for prestigious ceremony and openings.

Lion Dance Workshop
Basics Lion Dancing and Lion Dance music workshop for your school, university, event, festival or exhibition.

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance Performance
Melbourne's largest and longest Hong Kong style performing Dragon. Requires up to 20-30 people, blessing and roaming dragon for parades, festivals, grand openings, events and ceremonies.

Dragon Dance Workshop
Workshop for your school, university, event or festival for the Dragon Dance.


Warriors Drumming Show
A team of Lion Dance musicians, with a synchronised routine lion dance music.

5 Elements Drumming Show
5 Drums show, showcasing a spectacular thunderous and heart pounding performance.

Drumming Workshop
Workshop on Lion Dance drumming for your school, university, event and ceremonies.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu Demonstrations
Kung Fu demonstration from experiences martial artist on beautifully choreographed empty hand forms, weapon forms and weapon sparring sets.

Kung Fu Workshops
Workshop for your school, university, event or festival for your school on Jow Ga Kung Fu.

Special Performances

God of Fortune
The God of Fortune is known and believed to bring Wealth to people. God of Fortune are dressed in complete costume, giving his blessings to your business or events.

Phoenix Dance
The Phoenix is a mythological Chinese birds that reign over all other birds. This is especially popular for newly established company who hope for great progress.

Koi Fish Dance
Koi fish performance are always seen at opening ceremony, koi fish performance usually comes together with the dragon dance performance.

Display Effects

Start your occasion with a bang! Firecracker comes in different lengths from normal 3 meters to 6 meters and 11 meters, every roll contains a finale head bomb.

Confetti Poppers
Colorful confetti shooting out from a twist action compressed air tube, for your finale. Avaliable in 58cm shooting 7-8m in the air.

Confetti Cannons
Powerful machine powered confetti cannons for your events shooting high up covering a large surface area in the air.

Fog Effect
Fog effect for your occasions available for hire.


Contact us for Bookings & Enquires - Typically replies within an hour for Email!

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Call / SMS: 0466 590 780

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Contact: Frank Lam

Founder & Senior Instructor
Mobile: 0466 590 780
Language: English & Cantonese