Jow Ga Kung Fu

Jow Ga is a traditional Shaolin style. It differs from other Kung Fu styles in that there is equal emphasis on developing hand and upper body techniques as on lower body and kicking techniques.

Jow Ga is an authentic, well-established Chinese Martial Arts system widely practised all over the world with its origins in the legendary Shaolin temples of Ancient China.

Here Jow Ga was sometimes referred to as 'Hung Tao Choy Mei' - having the 'head' or strength and upper body aspects of Hung Ga and the 'tail' or speed and complex kicking aspects of Choy Ga.

The Founders

Jow Ga's strong low stances, dexterity in footwork, ground and aerial techniques, and wide range of kicking and hand techniques exemplify the influences of both Hung Ga and Choy Ga Southern Shaolin styles.

Its founders intensively studied both Northern and Southern Shaolin Kung Fu combining the skills and practical techniques of the two.

Creating systems to create a balanced hard and soft, long and short range style of Kung Fu. Northern Shoalin (Bei Shaolin / Bak Sui Lam) long-range techniques and animal patterns - such as tiger, crane, snake, eagle, and the legendary dragon and phoenix - are utilised throughout the Jow Ga system.

The History

Jow Ga's Tigers were the 5 Jow brothers of Sa-Fu village in Guangdong, Southern China who founded our system. The Five Tigers were Jow Lung, Jow Hip, Jow Biu, Jow Hoy and Jow Tin. Jow Lung was the oldest of the 5 Tigers.

The Jow style was recognised for being so complete and powerful that it was chosen as the primary training style for the Chinese Army in the early days of the republican movement.

Here Jow Lung was chief trainer, assisted by his brothers. He passed away in 1919. Jow Biu was then primarily responsible for further developing and spreading the system to the rest of Asia and consequently to the world.

Each of the 5 Tigers had a slightly different repertoire and interpretation of the style, bringing his own skills and experience to bear. Thus the practices of each Tiger's lineage or branch lines can be seen to vary.

The Lineages

Jow Ga kung-fu lineage originated from the Shaolin Temples of China. Today, the techniques, forms, weapons, chi-kung and training methods of Jow Ga still follow their Shaolin origin.

The name 'Jow Ga' is taken from the family name of Jow, belonging to the five brothers who introduced their unique combination of techniques and philosophies.

Historical Timeline

The Historical Timeline is still under development, please check back for more info.

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